Poll: Baltimore has the least attractive people in America

A new poll has found that Baltimore is the least attractive city in America.

Travel & Leisure magazine polled readers to get their opinions on America’s cities and residents, finding that Baltimore was No. 1 for least attractive people, with Sacramento, California; Spokane, Washington; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Milwaukee rounding out the top five.

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere were puzzled by some of the top cities, debating whether or not the ones they had visited or lived in had attractive people.

Stu made an important point about how the survey people needed to keep the results from being skewed.

“Obviously, whatever city Jeffy’s in is the least attractive city, but this takes him out for purposes of comparison,” he said.

Both Pat and Stu were somewhat surprised that Tampa, Florida, was included in the top 10.

“I remember being impressed at times by the local beauty,” Stu said of Tampa.

But then he figured it out: “Oh, but they probably still think Jeffy lives there. Jeffy’s moved, guys. … They didn’t check their facts.”

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