Why is Rep. Jason Chaffetz not seeking re-election?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has announced he’s not running for re-election in 2018. Chaffetz, who is chair of the House Oversight Committee, said in a Facebook post that he is not seeking re-election  so that he can spend more time with his family. But the lawmaker later said he is looking into options to end his term early, sparking more speculation about his post-Congress plans.

On “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and the guys took a look at the somewhat cryptic messages from Chaffetz, who made sure to detail in his Facebook post that he was not leaving because of “ulterior motives” and that he was in good health. Chaffetz, 50, reportedly also told a close source that he might not finish his term.

One of the rumors is that Chaffetz is angling for a Supreme Court nomination. Justice Anthony Kennedy is reportedly considering retiring this summer, which would leave an empty seat.

Doc’s theory was that Chaffetz might be paving the way for an early ending to his term because of a good opportunity in the private sector.

“He ran, got re-elected, he’s only been in months and says, ‘I may leave early this term,’ ” Doc explained. “To say ‘I may leave early’ means there’s a time issue. I gotta leave now for something.”

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