Meet Phil Davison. He’s a councilmen in Minerva, Ohio. But his sights are set oh-so-much higher.  Never has the nomination to be a candidate for Stark County Treasurer mattered more to any individual. Never.

Thanks to Gawker for quickly re-posting the video after it went private on YouTube.

Time has done a nice analysis of some of Davison’s best lines and what Hollywood actor might deliver them best. Including:

“Politics is not touch football. Politics is winner-take-all. It always has been, and it always will be!”
The scoffing in this sentence could be perfectly delivered by a Glengarry-era Alec Baldin.
“Knowledge is power. [...] Let’s use this knowledge not only as a tool — but as a weapon!”
This part is so off-kilter that only Christopher Walken could do it justice.
FYI — Davison did NOT get the nomination.

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