Moore on Reid: ‘Absolutely No Backbone’

Michael Moore appeared on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann last night. And after he and Keith agreed that those who support the Republican agenda have fallen for something so “simple,” Moore focused his frustration on Democrats — specifically Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — who have decided to delay a vote on extending Bush-era tax cuts because of the potential political fall out:

Harry Reid, I want to go — I mean I seriously, I want to go down there tomorrow and tell him to, you know, drop and give me 20 right now. I mean I’m serious. This guy, absolutely no backbone. Look at him — who, I mean, it just, it’s just so frustrating, umm — and … somebody’s got to light a fire under these guys. … But I don’t know what part they don’t get.

Additionally, contrary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Moore offered a predication about which party will win big in November, saying that Republicans will “nail … everyone to the cross when they take over in November.”

If you can wade through the ranting, you may want to watch the whole thing. The Reid statement comes at about 4:30: