Loyalty: After 5 Months Dog Still Waits for Dead Master

Wayne Giroux’s family sure misses him after he was killed by a drunk driver this summer. But there’s also someone else who misses Wayne — his dog Spot.


It’s hard to tell who misses Wayne more… Paul or the dog.

At the same time, every day, Spot hangs around this quiet country road waiting for Wayne to come home.

“I have no doubt that’s what she’s waiting for,” Paul said. “It breaks my heart every time I go over there.”

Twice a day, Spot leaves her post when Paul looks in on her. But he knows it’s not him the dog really wants to see.

“If you can ever find anything that loves you that much, it’s the most precious gift in the world,” he said.

It’s possible, one day, Spot might give up. But Paul doesn’t think so.

Around here, friends are for a lifetime.

(H/T: Fark)