Honest Critique: Jon Stewart Clashes With Rachel Maddow

In a primetime interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Thursday evening, comedian (and stomach flu patient) Jon Stewart gave a candid assessment of the 24-hour cable news “arms race” and how they’ve missed the point of his “Rally to Restore Sanity.”

In the end, Maddow says Stewart’s critique of cable news is “unfair” and that she doesn’t buy it, “not even for a minute.” But hey, at least she had an open mind…?

Much to Maddow’s seeming dismay, Stewart doesn’t appear to think Fox News is as eeeeevil as she does, admitting that Fox may be ideological, but isn’t partisan:

After poking fun at President George W. Bush for years, what does Stewart have to say about him now? Stewart challenges Maddow’s “reporting” on Bush and points out that her personal beliefs color her reporting. Maddow’s response: Who, me?

Though some people in America may rely on Stewart for keeping them up-to-speed on the world’s goings on, Stewart says he feels closer to the likeness of Jerry Seinfeld than CNN or MSNBC. When Maddow admits that Stewart’s process to put on a show is similar to the way she runs her own show, Stewart tells her she needs to change it:

While Maddow disparages conservatives and tea partiers, Stewart calls Maddow out on her blatant double-standards and unquestioning support of the far-left. While Maddow seems to think she and Stewart are “on the same team” — that is, standing opposed to conservatives and Republicans — Stewart says not so fast: