PA Rep. Brady Suggests Gunman Motivated by Sarah Palin’s Website

On Monday morning, Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA) appeared on “Fox and Friends” to discuss a legislative proposal that would make it illegal to place a figurative “target” on a member of Congress. He used the much-referenced electoral map produced by Sarah Palin’s PAC, which “targeted” a number of key swing districts:

But despite admitting he did not know what was going through the gunman’s mind, he specifically linked Palin’s map and website to the shooting (the accusation comes at about 3:10):

“Gabrielle Giffords is in a coma because there was a bullseye– a crosshair put on her,” he said. Although host Gretchen Carlson notes that there is no evidence to back that up, Brady never responds to being called out.

But for someone railing against even a hint of violence, it could be troubling that Brady’s own website features a picture of him in boxing gloves.

Gateway Pundit noticed the odd picture. The caption says it is of Brady receiving “commemorative gloves” for his work as a “democracy champ”: