Beck TV: Where Are Obama’s Priorities?

President Barack Obama’s response to a number of unfolding crises — including the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan — have many puzzled.

On Saturday, Obama ignored the devastation in Japan and headed to the golf course. Instead of speaking about Japan, Libya’s revolution, protests in Wisconsin or our country’s own financial straits, the president used his Weekly Address to comment on equal pay for women.

As nuclear crisis continued to loom in Japan, President Obama welcomed ESPN to the White House Tuesday to tape his bracket picks for March Madness.

During his Tuesday evening Fox News broadcast, host Glenn Beck wondered: Why is Obama “ignoring earth-changing problems”?

Earlier Tuesday, FNC host Megyn Kelly hosted a debate on Obama’s priorities where one guest speculated the president has an “aversion to leadership”:

Additionally, speaking to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Tuesday, famed businessman Donald Trump slammed the president for hitting the links rather than taking a strong leadership role in helping ally Japan — an action Trump characterized as “totally inappropriate”: