‘Alert All of Your Friends’: Beck Responds to Chilling ‘Economic Terrorism’ Audio

Earlier today we broke a story so sinister it sent Glenn Beck calling on his listeners to pass it along to everyone they know. A former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, is heard on tape laying out a plan for how to collapse the economy so that unions can rise like a phoenix. On radio today, Beck played the audio and explained the plan in full, as well as revealed he’s sent it to the Justice Department.

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“This is the clearest case of economic terrorism I think I have seen,” he said, adding, “When you hear this tape, you will recognize some of the things that we have been warning about. You will recognize what I believe the Pentagon was warning people about.”

Beck was disturbed by the plan, he said he is having the audio delivered to JP Morgan Chase — the bank the plan hopes to target — and the Justice Department. Later in his show, he said JP Morgan has responded with a “no comment” at this time. It’s unclear if the Justice Department has received the audio.

“You must stand,” Beck later told his audience, after making it clear that he does not oppose individual union members but rather union leaders. “It is not an option to stand silent.”

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