Rush Slams Bank Plot Author: ‘Pure 100% Anti-Capitalist‘ Who ’Despises America’

After reading about The Blaze’s story uncovering a supposed former SEIU official’s plan to collapse the American economy through mortgage defaults, Rush Limbaugh offered his thoughts on what drives the plan’s author, Stephen Lerner: he “despises America.”

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Limbaugh’s comments specifically referred to what he thinks are Lerner’s views on capitalism, mainly that Lerner believes the economic system that drives the country is unjust. In short, Limbaugh said, Lerner suffers from severe “entitlement.”

“It’s a fascinating look into the mindset of the cook, extremist left in this country,” he explained, “who are treated sympathetically by the media … and [believe] the notion that capitalism is unfair, and that their money has been stolen from them, and the country is unjust, and that they need to economically hobble it. “

“This guy is pure 100 percent anti-capitalist,” Limbaugh said earlier in the show, “and what he wants is what Cloward-Piven has basically said, just overwhelm the system. You just overwhelm the system with so many dependents… it causes a system-wide collapse, capitalism implodes upon itself, somebody comes into the breach and restructures the system as a socialist, Utopian paradise. “

He went on to ask the question many are wondering: “Is this not a form of terrorism this guy is preaching?”

You can listen to Rush discuss the story and Lerner in three parts below, courtesy of Daily Rushbo:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3