Mass. State-Funded Sex Ed. Website: Hey Girls, Getting an Abortion is ‘Much Easier’ Than it Sounds

Did you know that abortion is “much easier than it sounds?” And, like, totally, like, everyone’s doing it. Even underage girls.

That’s the crux of a message on the state-funded Massachusetts sex ed. website, which tries to remove the stigma, and risks, around abortions and even has instructions for girls under 18. In fact, the “much easier” comment comes from a Q&A section under the header, “Can I get an abortion in Massachusetts if I’m under 18?”

The response: “Again, I know it sounds crazy, but just keep reading . . . this really can be done and young women do this all the time here in Massachusetts.”

The section describing "easier" underage abortions from

That section of the site goes on to refer the underage girls to a Planned Parenthood hotline where they will “provide you with a free lawyer who will help you go to court and talk to a judge. These hearings are scheduled quickly, are kept completely confidential and so far, no minor who’s gone through this process has ever been denied access to an abortion by a judge.” [Emphasis added]

The judge option is available to girls who do not want to get their parents’ permission.

Yes, you read that right. explains how the site is state-sponsored:

The website has been produced since 2008 by the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts with $100,000 in annual grants from the state Department of Public Health. Those funds also cover a sex-crisis hotline and other outreach efforts, according to the Boston Herald.

Despite the shocking language, the group behind website and the state department of health are defending the site as necessary and factual.

In a statement to the Boston Herlad, AIDS Action Committee chief Rebecca Haag said, “We feel strongly that the issues that are addressed through the Maria Talks Web site are essential in safeguarding the general, sexual health of youth by informing them of their risk for unintended pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.”

“The website strives to provide accurate, complete, and non-judgmental information about all aspects of sexual health, including sex, abstinence, birth control, pregnancy, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections, sexual violence, and information for gay, lesbian, and questioning youth,” the Massachusetts Department of Health said in a statement. “The website is intended to be accessible to teens through the site’s narrator, 18-year old Maria, who provides accurate information in a youth-friendly way.”

But some feel it’s more than “accessible.” Instead, it’s an instruction manual for vulnerable girls.

“Any minor girl who reads this website, whether she’s pregnant or not, basically gets a road map on how to get an abortion without telling her parents,” Linda Thayer, vice president of educational affairs for the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, told “They’re really setting these girls up if they follow through with an abortion.”

She trumpeted a similar message to the Herald:

“This is a misuse of state funds, especially for parents who are taxpayers,” said Thayer, who also blasted the Web site for “deception by omission” for describing abortion simply as “when the contents of the womb (uterus) are removed.”