Uncovered: Want to See the Guest List from Obama’s $35,800/Plate Dinner?

Blogger “Zombie” has struck again. Earlier this week, he uncovered some “phony populism” at a leftist rally. Today, he’s uncovered the guest list from President Obama’s closed-door $35,800/plate fundraising dinner.

The names are not necessarily shocking. But the fact that a blogger was able to snap pictures of the list will surely satisfy the curiosity of those wanting an insider glance.

Zombie writes:

Craig Newmark, Cissie Swig, Steve Westly and will.i.am each happily dropped $35,800 to dine with President Obama at billionaire Marc Benioff’s San Francisco home Wednesday evening. These are just some of the 85 famous names on the fundraiser’s guest list which was plainly visible to rubberneckers as attendees checked in. Combined, Obama’s take for the 90-minute event was a cool $3 million — or $3,043,000 to be exact (85 guests x $35,800 each).

This is some of what he snapped:

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See more pages and pictures, as well as a complete list of the names, here.