Did You Miss Katie Couric’s Last CBS News Broadcast? You’re Not Alone

Katie Couric has officially left her post at the “CBS Evening News.”  Cricket.  Cricket.

Last night, she delivered her final broadcast, and included a montage of some of her work while at CBS:

The most notable issue surrounding Couric’s exit is the lack of coverage and interest surrounding it.  The Los Angeles Times sums up Couric’s run on CBS quite perfectly:

She entered the job as America’s broadcast darling and leaves with the show locked in its position at the bottom of the three nightly network newscasts.

Earlier this week, the Times’ James Rainey also appropriately explored what went wrong and why CBS now finds itself at the bottom of the leader board:

In moving Couric into its celebrated anchor desk, CBS forgot that its most loyal viewers were less interested in a marquee star than in a stolid news brand. News executives aimed at broadening their audience when they should have been concerned, first, with preserving what they had. They bet that a ray of morning sunshine would appeal in the more steely evening landscape.

On another note, it is looking more likely that Couric will join ABC.  To appropriately celebrate the conclusion of Couric’s news career (at least for now), let’s watch her most liberal moments while at CBS:


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