Schumer to Jewish Audience: Arabs and Palestinians ‘Don’t Believe There Should Be An Israel’

The left-leaning blog ThinkProgress isn’t happy with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s statement that Palestinians and Arabs “don’t believe there should be an Israel.” Here’s the text of the statement Schumer made at a Jewish function this past Sunday:

The reason there is no peace in the Middle East is very simple. It’s because the majority of Palestinians and the majority of Arabs don’t believe there should be an Israel. It’s that simple. Anyone who tries to figure out a way to solve this conflict without realizing that truth will never get anywhere.

ThinkProgress cites various polls that seem to contradict Schumer’s statements:

Polling conducted in 2009 indicated that 74 percent of Palestinians support a two-state solution based around the contours of the international consensus. Polling conducted in 2010 found that 71 percent support peace negotiations with Israel and that a majority of Palestinians oppose rocket attacks on the country.

You can click here to read more or watch Schumer’s comments below: