Mad Lithuanian Mayor Goes on Rampage, Crushes Mercedes with Tank to Send Parking Enforcement Message

Well, this is certainly one way to get your message across. After growing increasingly tired of complaints about illegally parked cars corroding the streets of Vinius, Lithuania, Mayor Arturas Zuokas reportedly commissioned an actual tank he used to crush a snazzy Mercedes Benz that was audaciously parked in a bike lane.

In the video (yes, there’s even a video of the rampage), an incensed Zuokas directs his ire at pretentious motorists who presumably drive (and park) around town in Rolls Royces, Mercedes and other luxury cars. “What should this city do about drivers who think they are above the law?” Zuokas asks. To which the mayor replies, “it seems a tank is the best solution.”

According to, the mayor’s stunt was arranged by staff members who have allegedly received over 100 complaints of parking violations.

“I wanted to send a message” Zuokas allegedly told the media. “I want to point out that if you have a car and more money it doesn’t mean that you can park it everywhere. Recently there’s been an increase in this type of parking violations, and it shows a lack of respect for others.”

I guess from now on, people will be mindful of getting on Zuokas’ bad side.