Fiery Fox News host Megyn Kelly has spent the summer on maternity leave after she and her husband welcomed their second child into the world. That ended today, when Kelly made a triumphant return after the birth of her daughter, Yardley. And even though she’s been out of the spotlight for three months, it was obvious Kelly hasn’t lost any of the charisma that has made her famous. Just look at how she handled a guest who criticized her taking maternity leave as a “racket.”

The controversial comments came from one of Kelly’s regular guests, Mike Gallagher. Apparently during her absence, Gallagher interviewed Kelly’s fellow Fox host, Chris Wallace, during his syndicated radio program and Kelly came up. That’s when Gallagher uncorked some not-so-flattering comments about maternity leave:

“What a racket that is. I mean men don’t get to bond [with their babies]. … Well, how much time does she get off after she has the baby? That’s unbelievable! Do you think you’d get three months off?”

Gallagher was obviously embarraseed, placing his hands in his head while Kelly played the audio. And later, he even (jokingly?) said the comments were the result of being drunk. Still, Kelly didn’t let him off easy, calling him a “pinhead” (while also donning a half-smile).

You can watch Kelly confront Gallagher below starting at about 3:30 below:

Later in the program, Kelly clarified that she and Gallagher are friends and that viewers should refrain from sending him hate mail, confirming that the segment — although stern — was not indicative of a major feud.

By the way, you can see Kelly introduce her new baby below — complete with pictures: