Jose Antonio Cua Toc Illegal Immigrant Wins Lottery, Now Faces DeportationWinning the lottery isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. At least not for one illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, who won a $750,000 jackpot in Georgia but was reluctant to cash in his winnings for fear of alerting authorities to his immigration status. To avert danger, Cua-Toc asked his boss to claim the cash prize for him, but Erick Cervantes and his wife allegedly stole the money and started spending it all.

That’s when Cua-Toc lost it.

According to Fox News, Cua-Toc was then arrested after allegedly threatening to kill Cervantes and his wife.

Well, the authorities certainly know about Cua-Toc’s immigration status now.

Now, he apparently has a week and a half to leave the country on his own accord or face deportation. But Cua-Toc is standing his ground, fighting the deportation and suing Cervantes to return his lottery winnings.

During Kelly’s Court, Lis Wiehl argued that since Cua-Toc couldn’t present a valid social security number, which is required to claim lottery winnings, he was exempt from collecting the prize in the first place.

Mark Eiglarsh, however, argued that Cua-Toc’s immigration status does not affects his legal right to recover money that he won lawfully.

Watch the comedy of errors unfold below: