Comedian Claims He Was Kicked Off United Air Flight Because He’s Black

United Airlines is investigating a complaint by actor and comedian Michael Coylar after he blasted the company for allegedly kicking him off a flight.

Coylar, who starred in “Barbershop” and the “Princess and the Frog,” says that he was booted off of an airplane at Dulles International Airport because he is black. The incident apparently unfolded after Coylar accused a stewardess of giving preferential treatment to a white passenger. The Daily Mail has more:

The race row blew up after Mr Colyar, who won the talent show ‘Star Search’ 21 years ago, reportedly refused to allow his bag to be moved from an overhead storage bin so that a white woman could stow her bags there instead.

TMZ reports Coylar’s claim that the flight attendant gave him dirty looks when he refused to move his bags. After he inquired about filing a complaint, he says security came and then removed him from the flight.

But according to TMZ reports, some passengers say that Coylar was unruly prior to his removal.

Following the incident, the frustrated comedian posted a strong-worded Facebook note about the debacle (you can read the entire post here):

The flight attendant and her friend got just what they wanted, the ni**gr off the plane. I’m sure they feel a great triumph in putting an uppity ni**gr in his place. After all, after 9-11 went down the need for courtesy and fairness flew out the window. Airlines used to be great places to go. Flying used to be fun, even elegant. But since 9-11 the airlines use the terrorist terror to humiliate and bully passengers at every turn.

He goes on to write that he should, at the least, sue the airline for “theft of services, public humiliation and defamation of character.” Then, he makes an odd comparison between himself and Rosa Parks (who he calls “Rose Parks”):

How is my situation any different then that of Rose Parks. I wouldn’t surrender my space so the white lady could be comfortable, so they throw me off the plane…no questions asked.

United Airlines has, of course, responded the the accusations of discrimination, claiming that the company has a “zero tolerance policy” for racism and the like. It appears United will be speaking with the staff involved as well as other customers who were on board the flight.

We’ll have to wait and see how the scenario unfolds. Whether race was a factor in Coylar’s removal is yet to be substantiated.

(h/t Daily Mail)