Gibson Guitar CEO to Attend Obama‘s Jobs Speech as Marsha Blackburn’s Guest

Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz discusses the federal raids on his factories. (AP Photo)

Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz will attend President Barack Obama’s Thursday address to Congress on jobs as Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s guest.

Federal agents raided the legendary guitar factories last week in Memphis and Nashville in a probe of Gibson’s alleged importation of illegal wood, seizing property and sending workers home.

In a statement, Blackburn, a Republican, called the Gibson raids “an example of exactly why President Obama has it wrong when it comes to getting our economy back on track.”

Maybe if the President spent more time finding real solutions to empowering small business owners and less time hindering businesses like Gibson, we’d see more new jobs created.


While the President is busy delivering speeches, small business leaders like Henry are busy trying to deliver results. The best thing President Obama could do is seek their advice, then get out of the way. Big government doesn’t create jobs, small businesses like Gibson Guitar do.

Gibson Guitar has also drawn the support of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, the guitar-playing Michigan congressman, who declared last week that the Gibson raids were “one more reason big government doesn’t rock.”