Govt. Spends $4 Million Dollars to House 12 Homeless People

Government officials in Bethesda, Maryland, have decided to spend $4 million dollars to provide housing for 12 homeless people for one year.

That’s right. The taxpayer will be providing free housing to a dozen folks in Maryland at the rate of $330,000 per person a year.

This should raise some eyebrows, as the median price of a single family home in the U.S. is $172,000.

Judicial Watch reported on this pricey, taxpayer financed arrangement, which will allow Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission to operate a three-story apartment building in Bethesda for 12 homeless adults. According to the Washington Examiner, the facility will have six studio and six one-bedroom apartments as well as a gym and computer center.

About $1 million of funding for the project will come from Obama’s stimulus fund. Montgomery County’s new homeless housing project will also receive $944,829 in county housing funds and $2.1 million in state low-income housing tax credits. All so twelve people can live in a very high average income suburb of Washington, D.C.

At least it’s not $535 million of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars thrown away on a failing solar company.

(h/t Judicial Watch)