Limbaugh Blasts Bachmann for HPV Vaccination Criticism: She ‘Jumped the Shark’

Tuesday morning, our own Meredith Jessup posted a clip of Michele Bachmann retelling a supporter’s story alleging that the HPV vaccination Gardasil caused mental retardation in the supporter’s daughter. The criticism came after Monday’s GOP debate and as a result of TX Gov. Rick Perry’s order mandating the drug for young girls. Here’s the clip:

The claim is suspect, and others have started to pick up on it. Among the detractors are none other than Rush Limbaugh. During his radio show Tuesday, he blasted Bachmann and accused her of “jumping the shark.” He even went as far as to use the word “shame” to describe her claims. The Daily Caller has part of his thoughts:

“There was an opt-out,” Limbaugh explained. “If anybody didn’t want to take it they didn’t have to… So next time I’m going to have to issue another warning. Next time – not only don’t bother with this Social Security ‘Ponzi scheme’ stuff, but forget this vaccine business. This is ending up being a giant distraction. Now I said that [Michele] Bachmann may have jumped the shark. It’s just a gut a feeling.”

“Alright, now she had scored the points in the debate,” he added. “But now this comment has become a news item for Bachmann today, rather than what she said at the debate last night. That’s what I mean by ‘jumping the shark.’ She scored the points and should have left it there.”

(H/T: Hot Air)