Meet the ‘Treycycle’: The Fast ‘Street Legal’ 3-Wheeler Created by Laid Off NASA Workers

Leave it to NASA scientists, engineers, and workers — or rather former NASA scientists, engineers, and workers that is — to create a three-wheeled motorcycle that goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds. It’s called the Treycycle.

Watch it here:

According to Orlando’s Fox 35 network (via Sky News), CEO and designer of Treycycle Ron Ackley, decided to take advantage of the creative minds left in Florida after NASA’s shuttle program ended in July:

Mr Ackley told Fox 35: “Space centre has laid off so many people and they are being displaced and a lot of them really can’t move. They are stuck with their houses and mortgages.

“I’m hoping to employ between 110 to 130 people within a year. If the company gets bigger, it will be even more.”

(Photo: Treycycle)

The result of hiring NASA scientists and other NASA workers according to Treycycle’s website is the “nation’s first race car engineered but ‘street legal’, built from the ground up, wide wheel base, low center of gravity, rear wheel drive, automotive engine driven 3-wheeler….and it’s being built in the shadow of launch pad 39 A where Atlantis recently stood.”

There is already a wait list of 150 people for  the bike, which is run by a Chrysler 300 3.5-litre engine and has 260 horsepower. It has similar gas mileage to a traditional 2-wheel motorcycle — an attractive selling point for gas savings — but with added safety that comes from stability of a third wheel.

According to Michael Shulman, owner of the Florida-based Emerging Growth Institute that is promoting the bike, “this is going to fly.” (Note: he doesn’t mean literally in the air). Production is set to start next month.