Herman Cain Says African Americans Have Been Brainwashed

Herman Cain, the only African American currently in a contentious race for the Republican nomination, has a message for African Americans: You have been brainwashed into siding with liberal politicians. On Wednesday, in an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” he said:

“African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.

I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative. So it’s just brainwashing and people not being open minded, pure and simple.”

Upon hearing this, Wolf Blitzer pushed back a bit, saying, “That’s a strong word to use to talk about your fellow African Americans — brainwashed?”

“For two-thirds of them, Wolf, that is the case,” Cain responded.

Cain also delved into his own ability to gain support from the black community, saying that he believes, based on his policies and the feedback he’s received so far, that he will be able to capture one-third of the African American vote:

“I believe a third [of African-Americans] would vote for me, based on my own anecdotal feedback. Not vote for me because I’m black but because of my policies,” he said.

Watch his comments, below:

(H/T Huffington Post)