‘Days Of Rage’ Spreading to…Tulsa, Okla.

(After speaking with the Tulsa Police Department and reviewing several emails from “Occupy Tulsa” organizer Daniel Lee, some updates to this story have been added below.)

The Blaze has been keeping a close eye on the various “Days of Rage” protests in New York City, Boston, and California’s Bay Area. But now it appears that there is an effort to spread the movement to the middle of the country.

Tulsa, Oklahoma (population 391,906) is preparing for its own version of the Wall Street protests as “Occupy Tulsa” is now forming. There is a Facebook page (“Occupy Tulsa”) working to organize the movement. Daniel Lee is the group’s organizer and he is reported to be responsible for maintaining the social networking sites for Occupy Tulsa.

The group was initially brought to our attention after posting this rather ominous image on their site.

A day later, Mr. Lee allegedly changed the profile picture on the page to this image;

According to a Blaze source on the inside of the group, Daniel Lee “specifically chose the picture of a woman to diffuse any feelings of aggression or hostility.”

This past weekend, organizers met in a park and held their first “General Assembly”.

Take note of the people passed out in the park from the night before. Video courtesy of Tulsa radio station KFAQ – 1170am’s Pat Campbell Show:

Based on reports from inside “Occupy Tulsa,” the next General Assembly is slated for Saturday, October 8th, while a large action will happen on October 15th. If you noticed that this group seems to be a “weekend only” protest, it seems that many of the Facebook members have requested this because they have jobs.

Organizer Daniel Lee also appeared on the radio in Tulsa last week. Listen to his interview here. (The actual interview with Pat Campbell starts about 22 minutes into the podcast). The intent of the Occupy Tulsa rally — according to Mr. Lee — is campaign finance reform.

Lee mentions that over 100 people RSVP’d for the General Assembly, but our insider claims that actual attendance was closer to 20 people at the start of the “assembly” and grew to approximately 30-35.

A similar organizing meeting in Stillwater, OK counted a dozen attendees, while the group on the campus of Oklahoma State University claims to have had around 120 students show up for their initial gathering.


The Tulsa Police Department’s Public Information Office responded to an inquiry from The Blaze regarding the “Occupy Tulsa” protest.  As of early this afternoon, the police had not seen any paperwork or permit requests from Daniel Lee, “Occupy Tulsa”, or anyone purporting to be part of the organization.

Mr. Lee also sent several emails claiming that the change of logos for the group did not happen as reported to the Blaze by a person who attended the meeting, but was the suggestion of another individual and voted on by the entire gathering… Lee provided the video below that does support his claim and we happily correct our report by posting the video. (The discussion of the image for the group starts about 4:00 into the clip.)

Lee also denies that the group’s stated purpose was “campaign finance reform” – although he did state that in the interview with Pat Campbell… And he also disputes our published statement about the numbers of people they expected to attend of the “General Assembly.”  To be accurate, he does state; “for the RSVPs on the event, we have just about a hundred.”

H/T – Pat Campbell Show