Zogby has just released a poll that is sure to stun many: Herman Cain is not only the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, he’s leading Mitt Romney by 20 percentage points. But there’s more: he’s also beating President Obama 46%-44%.

Zogby has the numbers:

Cain’s share of the GOP primary has jumped 10 percentage points since Sept. 26 and is now at 38%. Mitt Romney is second with 18%, followed by both Rick Perry and Ron Paul, at 12% each.

The Oct. 3-5 IBOPE Zogby interactive poll also matches Cain, Romney and Perry against Obama. Cain led Obama, 46%-44%, while Obama is one-point ahead of Romney, 41%-40%, and leads Perry, 45%-40%.

And here’s how it breaks down visually:

Zogby Poll: Cain Beating Romney and Obama

Zogby Poll: Cain Beating Romney and Obama

There’s also another interesting side note: of the potential nominees that Zogby asked the above question about, Ricky Perry polled the worse. Obama beat Perry 45% to 40%.

Read the full poll results here.

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