Herman Cain’s Campaign Only Has ‘Several Hundred Thousand Dollars’ at His Disposal

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has been lighting the polls on fire, but his campaign seems to be lagging in the fundraising department — especially when compared to heavyweights like Mitt Romney and President Obama.

CNN’s Erin Burnett and her guest, Newsweek/Daily Beast columnist John Avalon, discussed Cain’s campaign finances, revealing that the former chairman of Kansas’ Federal Reserve Bank only has about “several hundred thousand dollars” in his.

Mediaite adds:

The two circled back to Burnett’s interview with Cain, during which he shared that he only has “several hundred thousand dollars” at his disposal:

He added that things have “really picked up lately.” Keep in mind that his competitors, including Romney and Obama, have gathered several millions of dollars. Although, as Avalon, pointed out, while money is important, it ultimately does not decide who becomes president.

One can imagine that if Cain continues to soar in the polls, however, the substantial contributions might soon follow: