Texas Girl Behind Mexican Pledge Story Responds

15-year-old Brenda Brinsdon, who refused to participate in a school assignment to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

Brenda Brinsdon, the 15-year-old behind the Blaze’s exclusive story about Texas students being told to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, isn’t buying her school’s claim that the controversial assignment she recorded is not indoctrination. According to her the teacher was taking advantage of impressionable students.

Brinsdon joined “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning to talk about the assignment, the video she recorded, and the school’s response. That response includes the schools claim that lesson was the act of a single teacher and not a school-wide “indoctrination:”

Texas Girl Behind Mexican Pledge Story Responds

“I feel that this was an indoctrination,” Brinsdon responded. “Even with the slightest bit of influence to any children, I mean, it’s always huge. It’s always a major impact on kids, especially youth … .”

You can watch her full interview below:

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