New Study Shows Large Gang Presence in U.S. Armed Forces

A troubling new FBI assessment has found that the American military has become infiltrated from the estimated 1.4 million gang members currently in the United States. According to the National Gang Threat Assessment, members of at least 53 gangs have been identified on both domestic and international military installations, and law enforcement officials in at least 100 jurisdictions have come into contact with, detained or arrested an active or former military gang member within the past three years.

ABC News on the troubling findings of gang growth in the greatest military force in the world:

“FBI officials also say the use of social media sites has assisted in recruitment with youth becoming interested in gang culture and displays of bravado on Facebook and YouTube. The threat assessment notes that local police in Missouri have seen a rise in gang ‘promotion teams’ using internet chat rooms to promote clubs and parties. Displays of gang signs and walks are found abundantly on YouTube which FBI officials say may influence youths to seek out gangs.”

The study noted that “gang recruitment of active duty military personnel constitutes a significant criminal threat to the U.S. military.”

FBI officials note that the increased figures are likely due to better reporting and analysis of information reported to them by state and local law enforcement agencies, according to ABC News.

(H/T: Business Insider)