Man Burns Bible During Papal Mass in St. Peter’s Square

A man holds a copy of the bible as he stands on the edge of the colonnade that surrounds St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. (AP/Pier Paolo Cito)

A man climbed out onto the upper colonnade in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican and lit a bible on fire Sunday while Pope Benedict XVI was celebrating Mass.

According to the Associated Press, Vatican gendarmes, a bishop and the pope’s own bodyguard talked the man back from the edge of the colonnade.

He shouted, “Pope, where is Christ?” in English and threw the burned bible to the crowd below.

He climbed back from the ledge uninjured.

Benedict and the thousands in the square appeared unfazed by the incident and carried on with the Mass, during which the pope named three new saints. Many cheered after the man was secured.