Occupy Wall Street Sympathizer Creates ‘I’m Getting Arrested’ App to Help Protesters Avoid Police

An Occupy Wall Street sympathizer created a free smartphone application to help demonstrators avoid getting arrested. The app, appropriately dubbed, “I’m Getting Arrested,” lets protesters send out text messages to friends, family, and fellow protesters to alert them when law enforcement draws near.

Thus far, 9,000 people and counting have already installed the app, but, due to privacy controls, the creator doesn’t know if anyone has used the app yet.

The NY Daily News reports:

Jason Van Anden, a Brooklyn software developer, said he came up with the idea when a colleague told him his girlfriend was about to get busted at a demonstration.

“He said it would be great if you had an app so that she could quickly broadcast her situation,” said Van Anden, 43, a Flatbush dad.

He spent two long nights creating the app, which is available at Android Market. He’s working on making it available for the iPhone, too.

Users craft a text message in advance and program a list of recipients. Then, as cops get the bracelets out, they can hit one button and tell everyone on their list that they’re in danger of being pinched.

In retrospect, it’s odd no one created such an application sooner. Now, however, we might soon see an entire suite of Occupy-related apps flooding the market.

(h/t: WeaselZippers)