American Gun Ownership at Highest Level in Almost 20 Years

A new Gallup poll of self-reported gun ownership shows that 47% of American adults have a firearm somewhere in their household, which is the highest the number has been since 1993.

The new data comes from Gallup’s October 6-9th crime poll. Below are the charted results of gun ownership by year:

Public support for gun rights is also at a peak, according to Gallop. And Republicans are of course more likely to own a firearm than democrats, by a margin of 55% to 42%. But even Democrat gun ownership has spiked to 40%, it highest level in eight years.

Women are also a group that has seen a surge in gun ownership, as personal adult female gun ownership was assessed in the poll at 23%, while 46% said there was a gun in their home.

You can see the full range of statistics and comparisons of the Gallup poll here.

So far in 2011, gun ownership appears alive and well.


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