‘Blinky’ Is Back: Fishermen Catch Three-Eyed Fish

First, The Blaze reported on a fish with just one eye — the result of a rare genetic mutation. Well, here’s the exact opposite: a fish with a mutant third eye believed to have been caused by radiation from a nearby nuclear power plant.

(Photo via Infobae)

Just as The Simpsons showed alluded to back in the 1990s, nuclear power plants can result in some odd mutations to wildlife, like Blinky the three-eyed orange fish.

Fishermen in Córdoba, Argentina, realed in this wolf fish not immediately noticing the third eye, according to Infobae (translated by Google translate):

“We were fishing and we got the surprise of getting this rare specimen. As it was dark at that time we did not notice, but then you looked at him with a flashlight and saw that he had a third eye,” said Julian Zmutt, one of the fishermen.

The fish was found a reservoir where the nuclear power plant reportedly pumps its hot water. The men have kept the fish in the freezer so it can be analyzed but are reported as hoping to have it embalmed.

[H/T Treehugger]