Have You Seen the New 120 MPH Electric Motorcycle ‘The Detonator?’

Electric motorcycle technology, like that of electric cars, is on the rise. But have you ever seen one like this yet?

Detonator was designed by Daniel Simon and created by Parker Brothers Choppers. (Photo: Karen Parker, Parker Brothers Choppers)

The Detonator is an all electric bike based on the design by Daniel Simon, the designer of the Light Cycles for “Tron: Legacy,” and manufactured by Parker Brothers Choppers. Wired has more on the bike’s specs:

It’s got a 30-inch front wheel and dual 96 volt electric motors in the hub of the 27 inch rear wheel. The e-bike is powered by lithium-ion batteries, and charges in an hour when plugged into a 110 volt outlet. Parker Brothers estimates the bike has a 80-100 mile range when fully charged, and it’s been bench tested to a 120 mph top speed.

According to Simon’s website, his original design for the Detonator motorcycle is a “plasma-combustion street cruiser exclusively for non-human droids, able to bend their legs opposite way. The design of the bike was tailored towards their unusual proportions, although occasionally human models were used to pose with stationary bikes.” The Parker Brothers version will cost you $100,000.

Earlier this year, Parker Brothers Choppers also brought Simon’s Tron: Legacy Light Cycles into reality.

Parker Brothers Choppers Light Cycle design. (Image via Evolve Facebook)

If you haven’t seen the Light Cycles in Tron: Legacy, get a load of them in this clip (naturally, the stream of light wouldn’t remain after the bike in reality):

[H/T Gizmodo]