Limbaugh Blasts MSNBC Contributor: For 23 Years I’ve Been Called a Racist…I’m Not…You Are

During Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word” segment on Monday, author and MSNBC contributor Touré criticized Rush Limbaugh for allegedly confusing racial politics for racism where GOP front-runner Herman Cain is concerned. Limbaugh, however, didn’t take take the left-wing novelists’ rant lying down. During his Tuesday broadcast, the conservative radio host claimed that while he has been called a racist for the last “23 years,” it is in fact Touré, and those like him, who are the real racists.

Below is a partial transcript and audio of Limbaugh blasting Touré.

So they seek in this case Herman Cain. “Okay, we’re gonna take Herman Cain out,” and we get our dander up and we put a stop to it or slow them down that’s gonna make ’em mad, too, pure and simply is. And then if we, in their perverted eyes, steal one of their techniques (i.e., playing the race card or accusing the race card of being played), then they really get ticked off, and that’s what Toure was saying here. “Well, they just fire back, and they just use the word ‘racism.’ That’s racist, you’re racist.” That’s right, Toure! For 23 years we’ve been hearing it. Maybe not from you, but people all over your side of the aisle. For twenty-three years I’m a “racist;” and I’m not, never have been. You guys are. We say it. You don’t like it. Yeah. Exactly. They used it on one of their own and we caught it and pointed it out, but that 2008 presidential campaign was rife with racism on the Democrat side.

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For reference, below is the exchange Limbaugh was referring to. Mediaite provides the clip:

Bold emphasis added by The Blaze.