Stephen Colbert Presents the Epic Conclusion to His Occupy Wall Street ‘Co-Occupation’

Last night, Stephen Colbert celebrated day 46 of Occupy Wall Street with an epic follow-up to the antics he aired on Monday evening.

As you’ll recall, Colbert went down to Zuccotti Park in New York City dressed up as Che Guevara. Following this absurd escapade, he interviewed two protesters named Justin and Ketchup (yes, like the condiment). He told the duo, “You have something I want. I’ll be open: You have a movement.”

Aside from calling Ketchup a “racist” and a “monster” he goes on to offer his Super PAC’s support for the movement — so long as the protesters change their mantra from “Corporations are not people” to “Corporations are NOW people.”

The protesters, of course, declined his advances. Watch the hilarity, below:

And if you missed part one, watch it here:


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