Occupier’s Chilling Threat: ‘You Going to See What a Molotov Cocktail Can Do to Macy’s’

The video is chilling — and maybe even telling.

In a rant that appears to have been captured after Tuesday’s Zuccotti park eviction in New York City, a man in the middle of the angry protesters reveals his idea of what’s next for the movement: “we’re going to burn this shi* to the motherfu**ing ground on the 17th!”

The man delivered the comments as another high-fived him. But he wasn’t done there. He continued to give more details:

Ain’t no more talking, They got guns we got bodies. They got bricks we got rocks. Let’s see what they got.

[Young man in the background] They got missiles, we got bombs.

I want them, I want them to make that decision so they can see, in a few days you going to see what a molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.

The man can be seen signing autographs as he makes his chilling statements:

[Content warning: graphic language]

The 17th (Thursday) is important for the protesters. They are planning on shutting down the city’s subway system and marching on the New York Stock Exchange.