Heartbreaking Video: Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Owner’s Grave, Even for Food

An elderly Chinese man from the village of Panjiatun was unmarried and kept little company other than a yellow canine companion. Leo Pan, 68, died earlier this month and his dog soon disappeared. Villagers found the loyal dog at his owner’s grave and have been unable to lure him to away from his owner’s side, even for food, for over seven days. SKY News on the loyal friend:

The Digital Journal reports that villagers have tried to bring the dog back to the village and give it some food, but have only been able to shy him away for a short period before the dog quickly returns to his owner’s side.

Villagers have been inspired by the dog, and are sending food and water to him regularly. The Townspeople say they plan to put up a kennel for the dog near the grave.

SKY also notes that the story is similar to that of Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Bobby, a 19th century Skye terrier who allegedly spent 14 years at his master’s grave, who died when the dog was two.

Over the summer, The Blaze reported on Hawkeye, companion of fallen Navy SEAL Jon T. Tumilson. Thousands of readers were moved by the image of the loyal dog standing guard over his owner’s casket during the hero’s funeral. The story went viral, and Hawkeye’s family was in contact with the University of Iowa Athletic Department to use his story as a means to honor “Jon and all citizens lost while serving others” during the football season.

At some point when your family discusses what you are thankful for this weekend, don’t forget about your furry and loyal friends. If you ask me, nothing says gratitude like leftover turkey.