Yesterday was not a good day for young country stars who got their start on “American Idol.” Just hours before Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina flubbed the National Anthem before the Packers-Lions game, Idol winner and fellow country star Scotty McCreery was caught lip-syncing during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

To be fair, McCreery wasn’t the only one who did it. If you watched (like my wife and I did) you would have found several examples. However, McCreery’s stands out because it was so obvious: he missed a cue and you could hear his voice for almost two seconds before he even brought the microphone up to his lips:

“Yes, everyone I saw yesterday at the parade was lip-syncing so that’s not the issue,” writes Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “He just missed the first three words of his song so he made it really obvious.”

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