Video Proves You Really Can Play Baseball With Yourself in Space

In most circumstances, it would be impossible to play baseball with oneself — or at least a sad sight as you throw the ball, run after it and throw it back the other direction. But, in space, where most sports earthly sports would be considered a challenge, playing baseball by your lonesome is actually achievable.

Astronaut plays baseball by himself
Here's the pitch.
Astronaut plays baseball by himself
With zero gravity, he zooms himself under the pitched ball to make the hit.
Astronaut plays baseball by himself
And here's the catch -- that's an out.

This Japanese astronaut on the International Space Station filmed himself doing just that here:

According to The Daily Mail, Satoshi Furukawa came up with this activity to amuse himself while on the ISS for a five and a half month stint. Furukawa and two other Japanese astronauts returned safely home from the space station this past Tuesday.