Marauding Mob of 50 Teen-Aged Girls Beats Down 2 NYC Cops

New York City firefighters came to the rescue of two NYPD cops who were outnumbered and getting pummeled by 50 angry female teenagers on Tuesday.

photo credit: Staten Island Advance/Michael Oates

The Firefighters  from the FDNY opened up on the violent crowd with a “deluge gun”– which is a high-powered, truck-mounted water cannon–finally causing the mob to disperse.

NYPD officers made nine arrests, but two officers were hospitalized in the attack. Police also recovered a starter pistol, which may have been intended to further terrify the original female target of the mob.

The scene unfolded in New York’s Staten Island borough when a mob of 50 young females gathered outside the home of a single young girl and threatened her. Apparently, the girl had been kept home from school for several days because of repeated and vicious bullying, so the bullies came to her doorstep.

photo credit: Staten Island Advance/Michael Oates

It didn’t take long for the angry mob to become enraged. Staten Island Live reports that at least one bystander, who saw the incident but would not give his name for fear of retaliation, said:

“It was chaos. The yelling got louder and louder and louder… There was probably 50 to 55 kids out here, and they were challenging one girl.”

Witnesses also told police that the mob was challenging the single girl whose residence they surrounded to “come out and fight,” which prompted calls to police.

When two police officers– one male and one female– arrived at the scene, the male cop tried to make an arrest, but the female teens turned on him, knocking him to the ground. Other teens jumped on top of the police car.

The officer’s female partner tried to assist, but she was also kicked to the ground. The female officer was able to radio for back-up, though both her and her partner were “banged up” by the mob.

The incident occurred just blocks away from the FDNY Engine Company 138, so firefighters quickly arrived to assist.

The FDNY let the violent girl-mob have it with their high-powered water cannon. That forced most of them to flee the scene, and nine others were arrested.

photo credit: Staten Island Advance/Michael Oates

As for the victim, the young female student narrowly escaped an increasingly vicious situation. She told reporters that  “They were waiting for me since Thursday. They wanted to get me for a he-said, she-said. They kept on calling.”

When the group arrived at her doorstep, they were carrying “guns, blades and knives,” according to the victim.

Relatives said the young girl has a heart condition, which was part of the mob’s campaign of terror as they gathered outside her door.

“We’re gonna punch you in the chest. We’re gonna fix your heart condition,” the mob yelled.

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