SNL Skewers Al Sharpton and His MSNBC Show


Saturday Night Live mocked Al Sharpton and his “Politics Nation” MSNBC show, with cast member Keenan Thompson channeling several of Sharpton’s more outrageous moments and his verbose — and not altogether accurate — speaking style.

“President Obama has been pushing this payroll tax hollaback — excuse me, tax holiday!” Sharpton said. “Which has been helping middle class folks up and down America and these Republicans now talking about how it’s bad for this and that and the other. Here’s my question — do these people have rocks in their heads?”

Taking on Sharpton’s most recent MSNBC ad, he later asked whether Republicans are Nazis — blueberry pie-stealing Nazis.

“When I was little, we were playing catch the Nazi in the backyard,” he said. “We put a blueberry pie in a box and the Nazi would come around and try to get it. Isn’t that what the Republicans are trying to do, steal our pie?…Are Republicans Nazis trying to blueberrry steal pie out the box?”

The skit ended with another Sharptonism — the host’s infamous teleprompter flub over the summer, which Thompson repeated nearly word-for-word.

“For push back we much…we must…and we will much…about that…be committed…talk to you,” he said.

Watch the clip below, via NBC: