Have You Heard the Calif. Gun Ad That Sounds Like a Puppy Adoption Commercial?

A holiday commercial that begins like an ad for puppy adoptions and ends like an NRA promo has created a huge sales spike  for a California gun store.

PRK arms, a local gun store in Fresno, California, has made headlines with it’s unusual radio spots promoting firearms ownership.

The first advertisement plays off of the warm and fuzzy sentiments of puppy adoption commercials, but is really meant to find appreciative firearm owners. It includes the following marketing lines:

“They’ve been mistreated and misunderstood for generations… given these beautiful creatures a bad reputation… millions suffer from misuse and neglect… you can make a difference by giving a gun a loving home.”

As far as PRK is concerned,  instead of taking in an abandoned Labrador puppy, why not wrap up a neglected .308 FN SCAR to put under your Christmas tree?

To bring the point home, the ad says, “these guns want nothing more than to adore and protect you… the kind of guns that needs a loving home more than anything else… don’t let a gun spend another night on a cold, dusty shelf.”

Here are more details of the buzz surrounding the spot, including a clip of the radio ad itself, courtesy of KGPE-TV:

You can listen to the entire “puppy adoption” radio here, courtesy of PRK arms:

Mistreated (mp3)

This is not the first creative local radio spot that PRK has used to drum up business. Another pro-gun radio spot plays off of the “male enhancement” commercials that discuss concerns surrounding the, shall we say, procreative functions.

You can listen to PRK’s “male enhancement” radio spot by clicking here (content warning for mild sexual references).

(H/T: Hot Air)


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