‘Aqua Car’: Volkswagen’s New Design Gives ‘ATV’ a Whole New Meaning

When most people picture an all-terrain vehicle, especially one that bears a Volkswagen brand, they most likely envision a German-engineered SUV rolling over a rugged mountain trail. This futuristic concept design created in a Volkswagen-sponsored competition takes takes the meaning of all terrain a few steps further.

(Image via Car Body Design)

The Daily Mail reports that the Volkswagen Aqua car is designed to run on “tarmac, sand, ice… and even water:”

It features a shiny, sleek design with four fans and integrated airbags that inflate to make it hover.

And it’s also environmentally-friendly as its two motors are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell — with zero carbon emissions.

One of the motors inflates a “skirt” around the vehicle to lift it off the ground, while the other drives it forward and controls direction.

Check out the Aqua car design here:

The Aqua car is described as “air cushion vehicle”, which the Daily Mail reports Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang, 21, as calling the best mode of transport because “it travels equally well over land, ice and water.”

The Aqua car, Car Body Design points out, is a hovercraft that would be supported by one engine creating air pressure under the vehicle and propelled and directed by additional engines seen on the back and the sides. Note how the side propellers are fashioned to look like traditional wheels.

Different views of the Aqua car design. (Image via Car Body Design)

The doors to enter the car are also at the rear of the vehicle.