Bad Weather Driving: Viral Vid Shows Out-of-Control Crashes on Snowy Utah Road

We already showed you the first bad-weather driving video of the year last week, where drivers in Seattle couldn’t seem to figure out how to navigate a snowy road. There were no accidents in that one. But the one you’re about to see — the second viral bad-weather driving video of the year — has several.

A Utah man captured several cars unsuccessfully trying to drive down a local road. And when snow, icy roads, and cars mix, the result is a cringe-worthy video.

“It went from focusing on the snow falling to focusing on people sliding down the hill,” Rhee Braby told KSL-TV. “This is how it is the first hour of every snowstorm until the plows get here.”

Here’s what the video description says:

the video starts out slow but picks up, there are 3 curb hits, 1 360, about 6 accidents,3 cars in yards, and lots of cars out of control. Utah snow storm

This is how KSL describes it:

Another car did a 360. Moments later, a driver lost control, drove into a vacant lot and hit a tree. One pickup is seen driving too fast down 400 North.

“He’s got some speed,” says Brady as he shooting the video.

The driver almost made it down the hill but hit a curb and lost a hubcap. Another car drove off the road, ended up in the bushes and had to be towed out.

See for yourself: