Beck Reacts to Gingrich Calling His Criticism ‘Bologna’: ‘The Audio Speaks for Itself’

Glenn Beck has regularly said during this election season that Newt Gingrich is a big-government, progressive Republican. One of the many pieces of evidence he uses to support his claim is that Gingrich has praised Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt as great presidents and great politicians. He’s even called himself a type of “Wilsonian,” a reference to Woodrow Wilson. But on a radio show in Florida Monday morning, Gingrich called that claim “bologna.”

“I don’t know what Glenn Beck’s problem is, but he obviously has never read my writing,” he told 970 WFLA’s Jack and Ted. “I’ve written three novels about George Washington, four novels that involve Abraham Lincoln.”

He went on to call Washington the “greatest” American president and Lincoln the second greatest. As for FDR, “If you measure his World War II achievements, FDR is an extraordinary leader.” He noted that he disagrees with FDR’s liberal policies, such as the New Deal.

You can listen to that interview below (the Gingrich and Beck talk starts at the beginning) and get a transcript over at

When Beck heard that interview, he couldn’t believe it. In fact, played the audio of Gingrich praising some of the controversial presidents.

“The audio speaks for itself,” Beck said before playing it:

Later, he even went on to say the Gingrich was “lying” to voters, and said that he will be inviting Gingrich back on to his radio program for another interview so that he can explain the contradictory audio.

The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell contributed to this report.