Woman Drives on Snow-Covered Median at Highway Speeds: ‘Lights Are on But Nobody’s Home’

Morning rush hour earlier this week in a Pennsylvania township was a bit scary — and confusing — for commuters as the watched a 2009 Kia drive at highway speeds on the I-81 snow-covered median.

Watch the footage shot on a cell phone (Warning: Some strong language):

The local ABC news, which picked up on the YouTube footage captured by Shawn Lucas, reports that first responders state the 61-year-old woman in the vehicle was having a diabetic emergency at the time:

“I would just say it like this — the lights are on but nobody’s home. Meaning, your eyes are open, you’re wide awake, but you don’t realize what’s going on around you,” Fife said. “And from the video that I watched, that has to be what’s happening.”

The woman was taken to Community General Hospital, where she remained Monday night.

At around 40 seconds into the video, the car takes a jump.

According to ABC 27, the woman was being helped out of the median earlier — Lucas said others were pushing her out — but then she jetted off.

Correction: We had originally reported that the footage was filmed by Shawn York. His name is really Shawn Lucas. Lucas also informed us that police were already on the scene during this time and that there was no need to call them.