Glenn Beck Discusses Catholic Mandate & Shares His Personal Faith JourneyIf you watched Glenn Beck on GBTV last night, you were treated to an intriguing, hour-long discussion about faith and values.

In addition to sharing his personal faith journey, Beck delved into important issues involving religious freedom. The conversation was mainly focused upon the battle that is raging between Catholics and the Obama administration over contraception and sterilization mandates.

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“Catholics should be awake today. Catholic colleges and Catholic hospitals and other Christian institutions are now going to be forced to violate their own belief system,” Beck said. ”The churches are under assault and the Catholics are just the first.”

Of the events that are unfolding, Beck highlighted his belief that there’s more than mere political arguments taking form.

“It’s spiritual warfare being waged by the forces of darkness — evil exists,” he said.

Below, see a clip from this discussion:

Following this, Beck brought together Catholic League president Bill Donohue, Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, and Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Texas, to discuss the issues surrounding the contraceptive mandate.

Donohue heralded the strong and unified response coming from the Catholic parishioners and leaders. He spoke specifically about the anti-Obama mandate letter that churches across the country read and distributed to members over the weekend.

“In terms of a uniform collective voice, I’ve never heard anything quite this strong,” Donohue explained. “[Church leaders are] imploring Catholics to get involved at every level…This was a public call to arms.”

Morris, an evangelical, explained how these new health care rules will impact every Christian denomination.

“It effects me because we have the same belief [as Catholics] about the right to life,” he said. “We don’t believe in any way, shape or form that the government should tell us that life begins at birth…”

Lapin, too, discussed these elements, while reiterating his pledge to offer Jewish support to the Christian cause.

“It has to be recognized as an act of savage anti-religious bigotry and…most of us Jews are not tribalistic. It’s not as if we only get worked up when assaults against Judaism take place…,” Lapin said. “I call and will, during the course of the rest of this week, be calling on American Jews to protest, in the most vigorous terms, this act of unprecedented anti-Christian bigotry on the part of the administration.”

See the discussion among these faith leaders, below:

Prior to this discussion, the show opened with Beck talking about the importance of God, while highlighting his own personal faith journey.

“I want you to know that I am a guy that a lot of people have a hard time listening to me when it comes to God, because I’m a guy who screwed up my whole life…,” he said.

Beck described going to church as a child and, despite challenges and questioning later in life, the intense personal relationship he has with the Almighty. This journey, he admits, was characterized by a great deal of questioning and searching that “seemed futile.” But, in the end, Beck changed his life and found the answers he had been searching for.

“[My journey] allowed me to have a personal relationship with God and I think that’s important because that’s the way God speaks to people,” Beck said. “He talks to you about your life and me about my life.”

“I can stand here and tell you with absolute certitude that God lives, God cares, God is involved in our life. I know it,” he continued. ”We are not battling for the next election, we’re battling for the very soul of each of us and of our nation.”

Watch Beck discuss his personal faith journey, below: