Nano-Drone Swarm Shows Off Slightly Creepy Formation Skills

If the soldier-like perfection of the synchronized formation by these mini drones doesn’t freak you out a bit — their collective buzzing sure will.

Orchestrated by the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, these 20 “nano quadrotors” developed by KMel Robotics seem to, as Popular Science describes, sense each other’s proximity and work together to maintain formation “like a hive of bees moving en masse.”

Watch the drone swarm in varying formations and with obstacles (Note: Hold out for the figure eight at 1:27):

Defense Tech paints an eery picture of the drones’ potential:

Can’t you imagine a swarm of tiny drones like these being launched at an enemy by a small infantry unit? They could be carried in a backpack, controlled by a laptop and sent to spy on a nearby enemy and even explode on any targets they spot, similar to what the Army’s Switchblade UAV can do now.

What do you think? Creepy or cool?