Woman Reads the Bible to Her Attacker — After He Slashed Her Throat With a Knife

Lindsay Wood read the Bible to the man who slashed her throat, police say. (Image source: WSOC-TV)

Police say a North Carolina woman spent more than an hour reading the Bible to her attacker — after he slashed her throat with a knife.

Lindsay Wood and her 15-year-old son had just returned home from church Wednesday night. Wood asked her son to collect the trash can from the curb, and while he was doing so a man he didn’t know rushed past him, the Shelby Star reported. The man and Wood spoke briefly. Then, he pulled out a knife and sliced the right side of her neck.

After the attack, Wood started talking to the man while her son stayed hidden outside. She tried to reason with him, offering him her car and money. When he didn’t take either, she began reading Bible scriptures.

“She even invited him to her church,” Shelby Police Capt. Rick Stafford told the Star. “He kept saying he was sorry, and then walked away.”

Before he left, the man turned on an outside faucet and carved a six-point star into Wood’s car, Charlotte NBC affiliate WCNC-TV reported.

Wood is in stable condition, though she is unable to speak following surgery. She required 20 to 25 stitches to close the wound.

According to WCNC, police do not believe Wood and her attacker knew each other, and have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood.

“We want him off the street,” Stafford said.

Wood’s neighbor, Faye Cooke, described Wood and her son as “good Christian folk who keep to themselves.”

“I have no idea why something like this would happen to her,” Cooke told the Star. “There’s just no reason.”