GBTV: Glenn Parodies ‘Racist’ Headline Furor in ‘The C-Word’ Segment

Tonight, Glenn took on the furor surrounding the “Chink in the Armor” headline in a segment entitled “The C-word:”

During the segment, Glenn pointed out numerous examples of other headlines surrounding Knicks player Jeremy Lin that could easily be considered racist. He also parodied the idea of commonly used words or phrases being considered racist by arguing that the usage of the word “crackers” was racist (“Cracker,” besides referring to edible foodstuffs, is a derogatory term for white people).

“Ritz Crackers?” Glenn gasped in mask outrage. “What, are they saying all crackers are ritzy?”

Finally, Glenn took on Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA), whom he sarcastically “thanked” for comparing the usage of the word “chink” to the word “n—er” for blacks.

“What she apparently doesn’t realize is that the expression ‘chink in the armor’ has actually been around a lot longer than the 1800s! Yeah, we have been hearing that evil word since the middle ages!” Glenn exclaimed. “The knights would have Chinese people in their armor!”

Glenn previously took on this topic yesterday when he unloaded on ESPN and ABC for their oversensitivity about what he saw as probably an unintentional usage of a racist slur.